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Molly Soda

Molly Soda is Paris's favourite

The undisputed queen of Tumblr girl crushes brings her straight up digi-realness to our USA quiz

As part of our new summer US project States of Independence we've invited our favourite 30 American curators, magazines, creatives and institutions to take over Dazed for a day. 

Today, it's the turn of Tumblr, the platform that has turned self-publishing into an art form. For their exclusive guest-edit, we’ll be exploring the Tumblr aesthetic in its many forms – from the dA-Zed of Tumblr art, to pop quizzes with our favourite Tumblr publishers and spotlights on some of the best net artists blending IRL and URL(s) in radical new ways.

Molly Soda is the original pin-up chick for the Tumblr generation. And unlike some other digital artists of her generation, this technicolour-haired netizen doesn't shy away from that label – why should she? NY-based and Chicago-hailing, Molly Soda the artist's true home is the self-publishing platform whose "aesthetic" she has helped to define: on any one day her Tumblr plays host to (deep breath) 90s teen idols, Paris Hilton gifs, early-00's Doll maker templates, after-hours webcam selfies, glitter cursors, crop-haired Chloe Sevigny, digi-real avatars, fetish fashions and her pet rat (that's Sarah Michelle Gellar, to you). For our Tumblr takeover day, we asked Ms. Molly to drench our State of the Union questionnaire in her own-brand sticky Soda. Scroll away.  

Ultimate American album?

What food reminds you of home?

What is your ultimate American guilty pleasure?

What high school clique were you in?

Whose face should be on the $100 bill?