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Is this Russian banknote pornographic?

Politician Roman Khudyakov is determined that an 18+ rating needs to be slapped on the hundred ruble note

Let's play spot the penis: can you see the offending body part in this banknote from Russia (above)? If you squint hard enough, you can just about make out Apollo's stone genitalia in the hundred ruble note – and that's already way too much detail for Russian politician Roman Khudyakov.

The Liberal Democratic Party lawmaker has complained that the statue is "pornographic" and contains images of "intimate parts of the body", seen as especially because children are likely to be given the banknote as pocket money (100 rubles is about the same as £2). Khudyakov has written to the Central Bank demanding that the note be slapped with an 18+ rating. He'll also settle for the removal of the offending image from the note and replaced with something nice – like a picture of Sevastopol in Crimea, which Russia annexed in March. Lovely. 

Lawyers have said that Khudyakov may actually be in the right – under the country's increasingly harsh censorship laws, the note can be legally recognised as pornography as it is a print product, although Russian newspaper Izvestia suggests that the Central Bank would be unwilling to cover the costs of replacing a note already in circulation.

But seeing as Putin recently passed a law banning swearing in the media, just about anything's possible.