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You could get paid for lying on your couch, eating crisps and watching Netflixvia "Lardmeister" /

Want to watch Netflix for a living?

Dream job alert: the streaming site is looking for someone to watch hours of TV to help define what viewers may want to watch next

Does watching hours of Netflix from the comfort of your own home sound like your ideal job? Well, it could – the streaming site is looking for a tagger, and as part of the job you'll get first-look access to Netflix originals such as House of Cards and Orange Is The New Black.

In a press release for the promotion, Netflix says: "Taggers help us to pinpoint exactly what each member is going to want to watch next. It’s a little bit art, a little bit science and is so super accurate that sometimes it feels like we are reading minds or tea-leaves (we’re not!). We have a team of people called Taggers that help us to personalise your experience. As a Tagger you will be paid to watch films and TV programmes, to analyse them so that Netflix can connect those titles to the people that want to see them the most."

So basically, you get to stay in bed, watch absolutely loads of Netflix on your laptop and improve the "if you loved... then you may love" service that recommends what viewers should watch next. This is the first time Netflix has ever advertised for tagger in the UK and Ireland, and unsurprisingly, it also happens to be a great PR stunt for the brand. 

Think you've got what it takes? Apply here for chance at a guilt-free life as a couch potato.