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Roman Coppola reviews fireworks

Rock the house and light up the sky this 4th of July with Mr. Coppola's tips for setting fire to the night

Roman Coppola is many things – a music video maverick, son of legendary director Francis Ford Coppola, and founder of collective The Directors Bureau – but he moonlights most unexpectedly as a firework connoisseur. As America celebrates its independence only as it best knows how (by blowing things up), who better to turn to for sage advice on how to detonate a killer display than the ancillary pyrotechnic hobbyist. "No summer – and certainly no 4th – would be complete without fireworks," says Coppola. "Their sheer exuberance, earnestness and lack of any practical function is like summer itself." Without further ado, get your Apocalypse started Now with these heat-seeking tips for a sizzling 4th of July.


"Those interested in a bit of swagger for their fireworks display should consider Rock the Night, a twelve shot showstopper which burns hot and bright with lustrous silver and ruby red shimmer. Rock the Night pairs nicely with a traditional anthem such as 'The Star Spangled Banner'."


"High IQ is a spectacularly intelligent firework that enlightens the mind as it entertains the eye. Each of its sixteen shots soars and sizzles in a palette that ranges from pure platinum to bright azure. Light it alongside Megabanger’s Cruel Mistress and Thunder Howl for unparalleled bravura."


"Destroying the darkness with blossoms of gold and crimson, Jaws is essential for a finale that is as heart pounding as it is beautiful. Set it off with Hot’s Blue Dragon or Winda’s Metal Dino to watch a veritable battle of pyrotechnic beasts."