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Emojli claims to be the first emoji-only network

Emojli is the ‘world's first emoji-only social network’

Goodbye Facebook and Twitter – there is now an emoji-based messaging app featuring emoji and nothing else

Disgusted and appalled by Facebook manipulating your emotions by tweaking your newsfeed? Can't keep up with Twitter and turned off by all the World Cup updates? Maybe you should consider Emojli, a social network based entirely around emoji.

Marketed as the "world's first emoji-only social network", Emojli's creators claim that the network will do away with the annoying spam, trolls and hashtags that proliferate on other networks. As their promo video explains: "There is no spam. Because there isn't any emoji for spam. There is one for aubergine... The worst message you could possibly receive? It's a pile of poo."

Emojli's founders, Matt Gray and Tom Scott, claim to be deadly serious about their app, although they readily acknowledge that it doesn't exactly reinvent the wheel. "Yo was the last mostly-useless app to get a load of attention, so I guess we're the next one," Scott told the Independent

For those who don't recall, Yo was the minimalist messaging app that let you send the word "yo" to your friends. Before you laugh, Yo also raised over $1 million in funding, so maybe Gray and Scott are onto something here. 

Emojli will launch soon as a mobile messenger app. You can sign up for the social network now and reserve your username here, which must be in emoji too. So hustle if you want to register your Emojli ID as that all-important aubergine emoji.