Tessa Edwards – Hot Body Gals

The fashion designer and director brings her girl gang dancehall party to Benny Page's after-dark butchers

A subversive take on the usual dancehall tropes, Tessa Edwards' new film brings Carnival season a little closer to home. Just round the corner at your local butchers, actually. Benny Page and Richie Loop's "Hot Body Gal" provides the soundtrack to the fashion designer-turned-director's vision, whilst stylist Savanah Baker adds her signature 'Candy Ragga' flavour. Think women are portrayed like pieces of meat in music videos? You ain't seen nothing yet. 

In the video, that rum-soaked beach you might expect is replaced by a neighbourhood Butchers (with a late-night opening policy). But all is not what it seems...and as pretty-in-pink ladies lure unsuspecting men into the back room for cakes and pies, it turns out that the men themselves might be in for an unwelcome butchering. Shy-FX meets Sweeney Todd, if you will. Check out Edwards' sugar-and-spice, not-so-nice vision, above.