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New app replaces all your desktop icons with Kanye West

If you don't have enough Yeezy in your life, Kanyefy Your Dock is the app you need

If you're sick and tired of all your regular icons and just want to replace them with Kanye West's head, then you're in luck – this app lets you do just that. Free Art Technology have worked with Kanye Heads to make the aptly titled "Kanyefy Your Dock" along with a step by step guide on how to revamp your boring old desktop and channel the spirit of Yeezy through your computer. How kind of them.

Step one, get over to Kanye Heads and download your favourites. Done?

Step two, converting Kanye. Upload your Kanye heads to this site to convert them into icons.

Step three, get into your Applications folder and pick the icons that you need changing. Click "Get Info".

Drag and drop onto the top left icon...

The final step...Go to your Terminal app and type "killall Dock". Press enter. Gone are those boring icons that we've all seen quite enough of thank you very much. What's left is just a tidy row of Kanyes. Yeezy when you know how.