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Is Frank Cotton back again?

Why are Hellraiser VHS cassettes haunting London bus stops?

Some pinhead keeps leaving copies of the classic horror film on top of bus shelters

It's a mystery that's been puzzling commuters since 2012. If you've ever sat on a double decker bus on a route that travels down Old Kent Road in London, you may have been spooked by the VHS cassette of Hellraiser that has sat atop a bus shelter. For three years, people have discussed the meaning of its appearance on Twitter. Are the Cenobites coming to South London?

Last year, Hellraiser was suddenly joined by another VHS copy slash gaping portal to hell. Then the two cassettes mysteriously disappeared – only to be replaced by a fresh cassette, which lingers at the bus stop to this day. And then this happened:

Do you believe? A cyclist who was knocked off his bike near the Old Kent Road tape is convinced. You can even spot the South London tape on Google Street View, if you are so inclined. We don't know what's going on. If you know who or what is responsible, let us know.

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