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The leaked bathroom self-portraits

Hacker jailed for leaking George W Bush's bathroom nudes

Four years in prison for subjecting the world to Bush's shower self-portraits? Sounds about right

A Romanian hacker known as Guccifer has felt the full force of the law after posting intimate self-portraits of George Bush online. Guccifer, a cab driver by day, will serve four years behind bars for his computer crimes, which include hacking other high-profile celebrities such as Jeremy Paxman and the head of the Romanian secret service.

The hacker's 2013 attack on Bush allowed him access to private photos and unseen work made by the former president in the early stages of his fledgling art career, as well as phone records and private correspondence. The images that Guccifer stole reveal Bush at his most vulnerable (i.e. naked – but not full frontal, thank God).

Since leaving presidential office, Bush has discovered his inner painter, and his artistic awakening has resulted in a recent exhibition called The Art of Leadership: A President's Personal Diplomacy, a body of work that showcases Bush's interest in painting other world leaders that he's served alongside, though his career got off to a shaky start after people speculated that the ex-president had used Google and Wikipedia as his references.

Sadly, the leaked bath self-portraits are not on display in the show. But if you do feel like checking out Dubya's depiction of Putin, the exhibition is now open at the George W Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas.