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How much do artists make?

If you want to know how much you should be paid for your arts gig, Who Pays Artists will fill you in

One of the saddest things about working in art is knowing that success and talent is no guarantee you'll be able to make next month's rent. There's a reason the phrase "starving artist" exists – and in case you need reminding, Vincent Van Gogh managed to sell exactly one painting in his career. A new site called Who Pays Artists? is trying to be part of the solution by naming (and sometimes shaming) arts organisations who hire artists only to leave them high and dry. 

"Making a living as an artist can be hard," the site reads. "You never know how much to ask for. Discussions about money are taboo because we pretend that passion and creativity alone should pay the bills... Let’s help each other sort through some of the confusion, and develop an ongoing dialogue about how artists make money."

Artists are invited to anonymously contribute reports on how much they were paid, along with other details like how long the work took and their overall experience of working with their employers. So far, entries have come in from all over Europe and the US, and the institutions reviewed include traditional arts organisations like Rhizome ($3000 for nine months work), big events like Roskilde Festival (nothing, but a "good experience"), and brands like Red Bull (€1000 for a day's work). 

Head here to find out who pays what and contribute your experience.