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The Bleak Movies Coloring BookTodd Spence

The Bleak Movies Colouring Book is (not) for kids

Illustrator Todd Spence has created a subversively jolly colouring book that flips bleak films on their head

You wouldn't typically associate The Exorcist or The Shining with any sort of kids' activity, but artist Todd Spence has placed iconic characters from dark films into the world of childhood creativity. Basically, colouring books. In the Bleak Movies Colouring Book, you can colour in your favourite characters from films that have haunted our dreams ever since they were released.

"Really, the only happy element in these kinds of movies is that people really enjoy watching them," Spence told Dazed. "It started with Seven which I think is one of the greatest thrillers ever and then I just had to come up with some more. I think Requiem For A Dream was the next idea. It almost doesn't get any darker than Requiem."

Spence has previous form for subverting the world of cinema. Earlier this year he made fake movie posters imagining Pixar characters in the Best Picture Nominated films. "I enjoy finding the contrast in pop culture, which just makes me laugh," he says. "If something is extremely serious, how can we make it silly and vice versa."

People are already hitting him back on Twitter with their neatly coloured versions. Print off yours, ignore whatever work you have to do and regress into childhood as fast you can. Don't go over the lines.