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Is that you, Elaine?

Junior Mint is the weirdest Seinfeld game you will ever play

The online game features an Ezra Koenig soundtrack and Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball

A couple of months ago, a Seinfeld enthusiast and tech whiz used Oculus Rift to create a walkthrough of Jerry Seinfeld's apartment. Whilst Junior Mint might not be as high-tech, this online game is certainly far, far weirder.

It's been made by the handlers of the Twitter account @seinfeld2000 (chronically mispelled imaginings of modern Seinfeld situations) and the game designer Pippin Barr. Ezra Koenig of Vampire Weekend contributes the "soundtrack" – an acapella version of the theme tune seemingly performed from memory. Whatever, he does a pretty good job.

The game is based on the 60th episode of Seinfeld called "Junior Mint", in which Jerry and Kramer accidentally drop a Junior Mint into a patient's body while they watch the operation from the viewing gallery. In the game, you need to drop mints into a hole in the patient's torso while faced with obstructions such as other Seinfeld characters, surgical equipment and most bizarrely, Miley Cyrus on a wrecking ball. The more mints you get in the patient's body, the more cash you collect to be donated to the mysterious "Human Fund."

"this game is hand's down the gretest video game ever creted becase it alow you to pretend your in one of the most clasic epsodes of Senfeld," @seinfeld2000 said in a statement. "Can the ppl who made Call Of Duty 4 promise you that? No. They simply canot."

You can play the game here. Below, check out the Junior Mint scene that inspired the game: