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Explore Jerry Seinfeld's apartment in virtual reality

A Seinfeld mega fan has recreated the iconic flat with VR technology Oculus Rift

The address of Apartment 5A at 129 W81st St, NYC might not mean anything to some, but any Seinfeld obsessives will immediately recognise it as Jerry's flat.

Greg Miller, Seinfeld mega fan (and something of a genius), has recreated Jerry Seinfeld's apartment for the as yet unreleased virtual reality headset Oculus Rift. Miller obsessively sifted through old episodes of the show and redesigned it inch by inch with the 3D animation program Blender.

'"I've been a fan of Seinfeld for a long time," he explains on his website. "I came up with the idea of recreating Jerry's apartment, in its entirety for virtual reality. Television is virtual reality in some ways. We make believe that Jerry's place is actually a Manhattan studio and Monks Cafe is just down the street. We suspend the reality that his apartment is just a set in Hollywood, with tons of cameras and lighting dangling overhead. I thought it would be a novel virtual reality experience to take a place that only exists in Hollywood magic, and make it for the Oculus Rift as if it were real."

It may be a while until Seinfeld obsessives can lounge around in Jerry's apartment. Palmer Luckey, the creator of Oculus Rift, has said that he doesn't know when the technology will be available to consumers – but he wants it to be affordable for everyday gamers. "We'd love it to be free one day," he told GamesIndustry International.   

Watch a virtual walkthrough of Seinfeld's iconic apartment below.