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MDMA: more popular than energy drinksvia Tanjila Ahmed / Flickr

More Brits consume MDMA than energy drinks, survey finds

But ecstasy still doesn't trump alcohol as Britain's intoxicating substance of choice

The results of the 2014 Global Drug Survey are in, and it's official: MDMA is more popular than caffeinated energy drinks. It was a close call, though! And neither substance even came remotely close to the popularity of alcohol.

45.2% of respondents admitted to taking MDMA compared to 44.7% who had consumed energy drinks in the last year. But coming in at the top was alcohol, with 94.6% of respondents saying that they had consumed booze in the past 12 months. You can read a full breakdown of the survey here.

Unfortunately, not everyone who'd swapped Red Bull for a wrap of mandy had a good time: almost one in 100 MDMA users said that they had sought emergency medical treatment, and two-thirds of those had to be admitted to hospital. 

The survey questioned almost 80,000 drug users from 43 countries, and is the most extensive research of its kind. It also found that almost a third of UK survey respondents aged between 18 and 24 admit to having taken "mystery white powders", or as it's better known in common parlance, "that baggie from a mate's friend's friend in the toilets but he says it's really good, honest".

This recklessness wasn't limited to those under 25, with 11 per cent of Brits of all ages doing the exact same thing as their younger counterparts. In other countries – including the Netherlands, France and USA – that figure dropped to five or six per cent. 

Why would you be compelled to hoover a line of something that could possibly be icing sugar? The survey might have the answer to that, too: 80 per cent of those who had taken an unknown white substance admitted that they were already intoxicated when they did so.

Hey, at least we know this guy definitely got the good stuff: