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David Attenborough may be beaming into your living room very soonvia

David Attenborough may use Oculus Rift for a new documentary

The legendary filmmaker is rumoured to be using virtual reality tech for Conquest of the Skies

Oculus Rift came under fire last month when it sold out to Facebook in a $2 billion deal, with many fans questioning whether the innovative virtual reality headset would be used for less creative, ad-focused means. But now, everybody's unofficial granddad David Attenborough has thrown his hat into the ring: according to RealScreen, he's reportedly filming his forthcoming nature documentary, Conquest of the Skies, with a special eight-camera rig to deliver 360-degree video for Oculus Rift headsets.

That means you won't just be able to enjoy the wildlife from every possible angle in 360 degrees – you'll also get to hang out with 3D David Attenborough. Truly, technology is magic. 

In response to the excitement over the project, Conquest of the Skies producers Atlantic Productions have downplayed the news and are keeping quiet on the Attenborough link. So far, all they're willing to say is that they're "very excited" to be working with Oculus Rift and have three Rift-ready documentaries in production, including a completely CGI-made doc that takes viewers back two million years and traces the creation of life. 

Whether or not Conquest of the Skies makes it to virtual reality, the documentary is set to premiere on Sky in late 2014. But just imagine watching something like this in virtual reality: