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Show me the (embezzled) money!

Wolf of Wall Street funded by corrupt cash, lawsuit claims

Studio that funded Leonardo DiCaprio film is accused of financing movie with embezzled wealth and ‘ill-gotten gains’

The ultimate film about financial racketeering is now accused of being funded by racketeering profits. Guess life imitates art – at least, that's what the lawsuit brought against the makers of Wolf of Wall Street alleges. The $100 million budget of the Oscar-nominated film is being questioned in Los Angeles court, and its distribution company Red Garnite Pictures is being sued for racketeering. 

Dumb and Dumber producers Steve Stabler and Brad Krevoy are suing Red Granite Pictures for being frozen out of the upcoming Jim Carrey sequel, but their lawsuit has just gained a new twist: the pair are now alleging that the studio used embezzled money to fund Wolf of Wall Street

"Red Granite is funded with monies that include proceeds from offenses against a foreign nation that involve bribery of public officials, or misappropriation, theft, or embezzlement of public funds by a public official," the new complaint reads. 

The producers cites "published reports that individuals based in Malaysia, Indonesia, Russia and other countries in Asia and the Middle East have engaged in unlawful activities" and gone on to invest their "ill-gotten gains" into Red Granite.

Red Granite has called the lawsuit "false, malicious and baseless allegations". Studio founder Riza Aziz – who is the son of former Malaysian prime minister Tun Abdul Razak – has acknowledged in the past that their investors come mainly from the Middle East and Asia. Aziz doesn't appear to be too squeaky clean himself, and has been accused of creating his wealth through suspect means

Hey, at least there was no dwarf tossing involved. If all this talk of misbegotten riches is getting you hot under the collar, you can head here for more films about Caligula-like excess