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There are Bitcoin-branded ecstasy pills going around Europe

‘Seriously, I've swallowed too many Bitcoins.’

As if the cryptocurrency wasn't doused in enough counterculture conspiracy, a Reddit user has now discovered ecstasy pills printed with the Bitcoin symbol. A redditor called omnibrain explains that while he was in a Swiss club, "I heard some guy in the restroom of a club talking about bitcoins. After a short, extremely confusing conversation, he showed me what he was talking about..." And no, he wasn't talking about the cryptocurrency. 

According to, which collects user reviews of ecstasy pills around the world, there are several variants of Jack 'n' Jills bearing the Bitcoin logo that have been going around the UK and the Netherlands since last year. One member from Leeds writes: "These bitcoins really got me on a plane for sure. My pupils were dilated as hell, I was cross-eyed for some time!"

So can you buy Bitcoin pills using Bitcoin? Apparently so, but for one person it didn't go according to plan. A Swedish redditor by the name of ih8d0ugh got caught by police for ordering two pills from Silk Road, and was hit with a drug smuggling conviction. (He was only stung with a $400 fine.) 

Given that the unofficial Bitcoin motto is "Vires In Numeris" (strength in numbers), it'd be no surprise to us if plenty of similarly crested tablets crop up over the next year. Now what we're absolutely desperate to see are some Dogecoin pills. If you have any photos of Dogecoin tablets, or any stories, then please send them in. Wow. So drugs. Very fucked.