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Le1f hits out at ‘hip-hop conservative’ Lord Jamar

In an open letter, the Wut rapper asks ‘are you proud of being a hateful member of a majority?’

Le1f has responded fiercely to a tweet from self-proclaimed “hip-hop conservative” Lord Jamar after he criticised Le1f's Letterman performance on Twitter. In a New Yorker piece that describes Jamar criticising "queer shit" in hip-hop, the former Brand Nubian rapper responds to a video of Le1f's performance with the tweet "THIS IS JUST THE BEGINNING". 

Now, Le1f has called him out by asking if "he's proud to be a hateful member of a majority". You can read the full post below:

For those of you who don't know, Lord Jamar is an angry 45-year-old man who's very concerned with the state of hip-hop today and what he perceives to be the increasing number of "beta males to try to flex their shit". His track "Lift Up Your Skirt" last year was an attack on "where this Kanye West shit is getting us". To accompany the diss, he posted a picture of a model wearing a skirt on his Instagram with the hashtag #halfafag.

For Jamar, West and Le1f are part of an unacceptable rise in flamboyance and self-expression amongst modern rapper, and he believes that there is no room for this type of behaviour in hip-hop. It's like Dapper Dan never existed. 

Jamar found early success in the 90s with NYC hip-hop group Brand Nubian, but has struggled since going solo. But his controversial opinions have attracted some PR, at least: the past year has seen him give multiple interviews on Vlad TV, a popular hip-hop themed YouTube channel, where he waxes lyrical on subjects like how gay people have no place in rap.

Maybe Jamar just needs to chill out and relax. Take a spa day or something. It's what Le1f would do!