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"I'm alive!"

Wayne Knight from Seinfeld is alive and well

The Seinfeld star fell prey to another Twitter death hoax, which claimed he had died in a freak tractor accident

Seinfeld fans, relax – Newman is absolutely fine. The actor Wayne Knight was reported dead over the weekend, albeit by notorious web pranksters eBuzzd. They "reported" that Knight had died of "blunt force trauma" caused by a car crash after his vehicle slammed into a tractor late on Saturday night. Soon enough, people took to Twitter to express their sadness and condolences.

EBuzzd is notorious for its trickery and even says on its website – " is a website that publishes fake news and satire stories. A site like eBuzzd is not a site about hoaxes, rather the eBuzzd site is itself a hoax. Truth is, if you find stories on eBuzzd shocking or even real at all, then you should log off the Internet and go for a run. Basically, don't take anything serious on eBuzzd!"

Knight – who also played the slimy, disgruntled architect Dennis Nedry in Jurassic Park – moved to confirm on Twitter that he was indeed still alive and well.

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