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Image courtesy of the artist and Counter Editions

Eddie Peake takes apart a pre-Photoshop Vogue Paris

The young British artist expands his work on the body by subverting a 1989 edition of the fashion magazine

Eddie Peake's oeuvre has spanned naked football, marble sculpture, day-glo painting, collabs with Kendrick Lamarr and choreography for Actress. Now, the north-London based and ever so multi-disciplinary artist has taken on fashion; in the form of pages from an 1989 Vogue Paris – the last year before PhotoShop transformed the image forever. Each screenprinted page has the audacious title "(Steam Rolled Body W. 1/4 Inch Audio Jacks Inserted Into Extemporised Orifices. Cuboid Transparent Head Filled With Abject Matter, Some Of Which Is Repulsive. Even Children Have Pre-1990 Desires.) Precipice. Recipe. Epicene. Pci Ric Epe. Épée. Ecep. (2014)", and is the latest in a line of work concerned with the body in the hyper-modern age. The pictures, released by Counter Editions and already sold-out, are showing exclusively above.