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Chupan Chupai

First Shot: Factory Fifteen

Factory Fifteen present their new short film – a presentation of the future of urban architecture

Taken from the December issue of Dazed & Confused:

Welcome to a future in which urban architecture can be hacked by its inhabitants. Tap a brick and a staircase forms. Camouflage yourself by manipulating your surroundings. In Chupan Chupai, an exclusive short film premiering this month on Visionaries, Dazed Digital’s new video series, south London filmmakers Factory Fifteen create a futuristic game of hide-and-seek unlike any you’ve ever seen before. Jonathan Gales of Factory Fifteen explains:

“Utopia or heterotopia has this total affiliation to the future. China’s been done in terms of its future speculation and it’s stereotypical really to think of China in a science-fiction sort of way. We wanted to flip it and think about somewhere like India, which is emerging and developing and has a lot of problems.

“It’s stereotypical really to think of China in a science-fiction sort of way”

This film is really about a future city where kids use different techniques and gesture-based control to ‘hack the city’. A couple of them get lost and end up in a more industrial part of that environment. The steps are a liminal space that indicates a barrier between what we’re calling an industrial zone and what is essentially the forest. What they’ve done is break past a level of authorisation into the backdrop of the city, where they get lost.”

Watch Factory Fifteen's Chupan Chupai here