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Cult Vault #41: Alice Englert on Loves of a Blonde

Alice Englert picks Milos Forman's film that earned him his first Academy Award nomination

Taken from the September 2013 issue of Dazed & Confused:

Soaking up black-and-white Sovietera new wave while barely out of Babygros is par for the course for kids of gloomy arthouse maestros. That’s why Alice Englert, star of Ginger & Rosa, was pleased that Miloš Forman’s black-humoured Czech gem Loves of a Blonde (1965) lightened the diet. In it, a factory-town girl has a one-night stand with a musician, then arrives with a suitcase on his 

Prague doorstep – where he lives with his parents.

“At my mum’s house in Australia I snuck into the DVD room and put on Loves of a Blonde. At first I thought, ‘Oh fuck, another arthouse film’ – but I’d never seen anything like it. I was a young horse-crazy girl and hadn’t noticed boys yet, or had any real experience apart from cantering around. I love the relaxed way it observes these absurd things that do happen.”