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Cult Vault #36: Bruce LaBruce on Play It as It Lays

Filmmaker Bruce LaBruce selects the 1972 Frank Perry classic Perry’s Play It as It Lays

Taken from the April 2013 issue of Dazed & Confused:

Underground filmmaker Bruce LaBruce (of Hustler White and LA Zombie fame) has a new film, Gerontophilia, set for completion this year. He’s big on Frank Perry’s Play It as It Lays (1972).

“The second great film pairing Tuesday Weld and Anthony Perkins (the first being Noel Black’s 1968 cult classic Pretty Poison), Play It as It Lays is the searing screen version of Joan Didion’s bleak, incisive novel about the merciless entertainment machine known as Hollywood. Weld is perfect as Mariah Wyeth, a ravishing former fashion model and underground film star married to cult film director Carter Lang (played by 60s biker-flick star Adam Roarke). Perkins plays Roarke’s producer and Weld’s best friend, BZ, a hedonistic homosexual who is suicidally tired of doing everyone favours. A jaded, realistic portrait of LA’s seamy underbelly that goes a long way toward explaining the Lohans of today.”