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Cult Vault #20: David Lynch on Sunset Boulevard

Mystery, dreams, beauty and more dreams: David Lynch on the trailblazing 50's noir

Taken from the December 2011 issue of Dazed & Confused:

The tale of a washed-up star famously narrated by a corpse, Sunset Boulevard might be more classic than cult – but since it’s David Lynch who wants to put it into the Cult Vault this month, we’ve let him stretch the rules… 

David Lynch – “I think I might have screened Sunset Boulevard by Billy Wilder early on for the crew before we started shooting Eraserhead. Sunset Boulevard just has the greatest mood; you’re immersed in it like a dream. It catches a Hollywood story that connects the golden age of Hollywood with the present day. But it’s a truthful movie, and so it carries through to today. It has a lot of sadness in it, and beauty. And mystery. And dreams. Beauty, beauty, beauty and more dreams.”