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Cult Vault #18: Morgan Spurlock on Scanners

Documentary Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock selects Cronenberg’s head-exploding horror

Taken from the September 2011 issue of Dazed & Confused:

McDonald’s, Osama bin Laden and movie marketing have all been tackled by documentary filmmaker Morgan Spurlock, but the film which inspired him to get behind a camera is quite different. He chose David Cronenberg’s early 80s classic Scanners for our cult vault: 

“The film that made me want to make movies was David Cronenberg’s Scanners. It came out in 1981 and it’s about these people who have incredible mind control powers, to the point that Michael Ironside, Canada’s greatest living actor, makes another guy’s head explode like a watermelon in one famous scene. When I saw that happen in a movie theatre aged 10, I just thought, ‘My god, whatever this is, I wanna do it.’ So as a teenager I started to learn how to make my own blood and special effects and walk around the house with big, bloody scars on my face because I originally wanted to be a make-up/ special effects artist like Rick Baker or Tom Savini, those were the guys I really looked up to. I haven’t seen Scanners in a while but I actually just moved into a new apartment and found my old, original VHS copy. Awesome.”