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Cult Vault #17: Duncan Jones on The Blood of Heroes

Director Duncan Jones recommends a forgotten 80s sci-fi classic starring Rutger Hauer

Taken from the August 2011 issue of Dazed & Confused:

Fast establishing himself as the director of choice when it comes to smart science-fiction, Duncan Jones has already become a hot name despite only having two features under his belt. This month fans can get their hands on his latest film, Source Code which is out on DVD while following up his film-viewing suggestion, The Blood of Heroes: an 80s Mad-Max style sci-fi flick that helped influence his award-winning, low-budget debut Moon. 

The Blood of Heroes (also known as Salute To The Jugger) stars Rutger Hauer – it was just after he had done Blade Runner, so all of a sudden everyone wanted to work with him and he became kind of the king of sci-fi. At roughly the same time he did another film called Split Second, set in a futuristic London. I think I must have seen them in my teens – I was voracious for film and always watching action films particularly. After Blade Runner I was a huge fan of Hauer but The Blood Of Heroes also really got me enthusiastic about what could be achieved on a smaller budget. When I started looking into how it was made, I realised how little money you actually need to make a movie – it was inspirational for wanting to do my first feature, Moon.”

Source Code is out on DVD on August 15