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Harper Reed (CTO, Obama For America) with artist R

Rhizome announces the Seven on Seven line-up

Exclusive: Find out which leading artists and technologists will pair up for the future-is-now summit

This October, the Barbican will host the first international edition of Rhizome's Seven on Seven Conference, the meeting-of-minds summit that pairs seven visionary artists with seven leading technologists and challenges them to create something new – whether that's an app, a product, a piece of art or social media. 

Seven on Seven is loosely inspired by 9 Evenings, the landmark 1966 event that paired artists like John Cage with engineers and scientists – a venture that eventually evolved into groundbreaking arts organisation Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T).

That spirit of joyful hybridisation lives on in Seven on Seven, which seeks to interrogate the roles of art and technology in contemporary culture, and in the process explore possibilities offered by collaboration by means of deep conversation between figures from each separate industry. Past pairs have included Tumblr founder David Karp with hyper-referential LA filmmaker Ryan Trecartin and Foursquare CEO Dennis Crowley with surveillance-obsessed artist Jill Magid.

Dazed has the exclusive on the line-up of the event, which will happen on 27 October: 

Haroon Mirza and Ryder Ripps (OKFocus)

British artist Haroon Mirza explores the potential for visual and acoustic to merge as a singular aesthetic form, with assemblages and sculptural installations crafted from household electronics, found footage and existing artwork. He joins Ryder Ripps, who helms OKFocus, a tech-driven brand agency of digital creatives who delight in viral pranks like, a domain lookup site that claimed to be the first company of Kanye West's start-up, Donda Media. 

Mark Leckey and Dan W. Williams (Independent creative technologist)

Turner Award winner Mark Leckey works with found footage and collage to create works like Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore (1999), a commentary on underground British dance culture through the 70s and 90s. Dan W. Williams is an independent creative technologist who freelances for media labs such as Pervasive Media Studio.

Jonas Lund and Michelle You (Songkick)

In 2012, Swedish artist Jonas Lund turned an eye on the art world with The Top 100 Highest Ranked Curators in the World; in other works, he has sought to break the Guinness World Record for most number of comments on a Facebook post and created an online app that allowed people to collaboratively paint on a single canvas. He is paired with Michelle You, one of the co-founders of Songkick, a London-based site that offers personalised news about live music.

Aleksandra Domanović + Smári McCarthy (IMMI) 

Aleksandra Domanović is concerned with the shifting meanings and subtleties of data and images as they appear in different contexts and histories, like her take on Turbo Sculpture – the enormous statues of American icons like Rocky and Bruce Lee that appear all over former Yugoslavia. She will be working with Smári McCarthy, an Icelandic-Irish information activist who is also a founding member of the Icelandic Pirate Party and executive director of Icelandic Modern Media Institute

Susan Phillipsz + Naveen Selvadurai (Foursquare) 

Susan Phillipsz won the Turner Prize in 2010 for Lowlands, a rendition of a 16th century Scottish lament that played under three bridges over the River Clyde in Glasgow. She is paired with Naveen Selvadurai, who founded Foursquare in 2009 and helped the start-up grow into a social networking behemoth worth a rumoured $600 million.

Cecile B. Evans + Alice Bartlett (BERG) 

Cecile B. Evans investigates notions of intimacy and human connection as they are disrupted and subverted by new technology and the shifting boundaries of public and private disclosure. Evans joins Alice Bartlett, a technologist at creative lab BERG – best known for creating the Little Printer, a miniature, humanised printer that blurs the line between high-tech and lo-fi.

Graham Harwood + Alberto Nardelli (Tweetminister) 

Best known for his collaborative work with maximum security mental patients at Ashworth Hospital (Rehearsal of Memory, 1995), Graham Harwood was director of the celebrated Mongrel collective, and interrogates issues of open data, marginalised communities and public governance. He is paired with Tweetminster founder Alberto Nardelli, who created the curated media platform for all Whitehall news.