Joey Holder

Joey Holder’s constellatory multimedia installations fuse the natural and synthetic world

Dazed Digital: How would you describe your work?

Joey Holder: I paint, sculpt, make video, multimedia installations and have numerous blogs and image streams. My work seems to be about how these things are networked together, how they are set in ‘constellation’ – its about the 'tissue' which connects them.

The very 'human' way in which we make sense of the world is to name, structure and hierarchize things, yet these systems are always in flux. In my work I mix elements of biology, nanotechnology and natural history against program interfaces, screen savers and measuring devices. I see no object or substance in a fixed state; everything is always transforming and morphing into something else.

DD: What is the main thread you keep returning to? 

Joey Holder: I am interested in what we consider ‘natural’ or ‘artificial’ or rather ‘natural’ or ‘manufactured’ and how these poles are being progressively blurred. I don’t believe there is any separation between these terms and what we produce as humans is actually part of nature's whole.

DD: Do you have a specific process when you begin working on a project or piece?

Joey Holder: Mimicry >>  Alchemy >> Camouflage >> Adaption

DD: What was your last exhibition?

Joey Holder: MUTAGEN ϟ at ASC Gallery, London - with artists Josephine Callaghan and Vicky Wright. 

DD: What would you do with the prize money?

Joey Holder: I would travel to Palau to research the different species of 'Nudibranch' that live in the waters surrounding these islands.

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