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Cult Vault #7: Adam Green on Mother's Day

Killer Queenie: director Adam Green recalls redneck slasher special

Taken from the October 2010 issue of Dazed & Confused

The director of Hatchet, co-director of Spiral, and producer of the acclaimed indie-outing Grace, Adam Green returns to the screens this year with the Sundance-approved, art house thriller Frozen. It’s easily one of the most intense shockers of recent years, revolving around three people left stranded on a ski lift in sub-zero temperatures. Dazed asked Green to recommend an under-appreciated slice of cult coolness... 

“I’m a big fan of a horror movie called Mother’s Day. Most people have never even heard of it, which is a crime because it is the only great film that the American schlock company Troma ever made. It is about these three college girls who are kidnapped by two hillbilly brothers – who are under the control of their crazy mother. I rented that movie back when I was a little kid because the cover was amazing and it’s actually pretty scary, although it is also kind of ridiculous and quite a lot of fun. There is this whole urban legend all the way through the movie about “Mother” having an evil sister called Queenie who lives out in the woods and is going to kill everyone. All the way through the film you just assume she is making it up and then in the last second of the film we finally get to see Queenie hiding away in the distance and ready to attack. I still think that Queenie is one of the coolest villains in any horror flick ever made. A slasher movie like this needs a few good kills, and in Mother’s Day there is death by television set and death by cleaning fluid!”