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Top ten artists from Berlin Art Week

Hung & Drawn: Stone circles, secret bars and anarchic antics from Berlin's art extravaganza

Berlin Art Week kicked off this recently, with fairs like art berlin contemporary drawing 130 galleries from across the world presenting some 120 projects spanning the entire of Berlin. With Berlin's ever-present emphasis on new and emerging artists and site-specific work, this week presents an unparalleled opportunity to talent spot upcoming talent. Here are our ten picks of the week. 

Freedman Fitzpatrick at ABC

This young gallery, steered by Alex Freedman and Robbie Fitzpatrick, bring their venture home to Berlin for their first art fair. These stones hum nonchalantly in the ABC old train station courtyard, each composition specific to the space hollowed inside it, resonating with the cavity the artist has carved out.  

Sarah Lucas at CFA

Initially not resembling a Sarah Lucas exhibition at all, minimal concrete and wood furniture designs fill the space, inviting visitors to sit or lean on the furniture. Lucas coffee table books are in place on the artist-made coffee tables, all set against the backdrop of a wall-size image of two brightly vajazzled groins. On closer inspection, more familiar sculptures also sit on the furniture, their tights-bodies slumped against the concrete, drawing a parallel between the dual use of the furniture as plinth, platform or seat.

- Gelatin - Stop - Anna Ly Sing - Stop - Discursive Construction Communicative Destruction at Schinkel Pavillon

The Viennese group bring their anarchic antics to the glass pavilion.  With a collection of what can only be described as "stuff" from their studio, they're making sculptures throughout several evening events, in which they invite other major artists (including Thomas Zipp and Douglas Gordon) to collaborate. So far we've seen balloons, plaster, motorbikes, drums and feedback noise…

D at ZweiDrei

Organised by a small group including the Composing Room's Ché Zara Blomfield, the exhibition accumulates works by young artists with art hooks in Berlin including Petra Cortright, Harm van den Dorpel, Aude Pariset and Aleksandra Domanovic. It's worth the journey off the ABC art track for Santiago Taccetti's optical blocks, luridly sprayed and displayed on a mirror plinth.

Liquid Autist at Kraupta Tuskany - Zeidler

An ambitious curatorial statement conflating the term "liquidity" as applied to economics with a perceived "autistic" tendency in today's neo-liberal, Silicon Valley-driven society.  The all-male exhibition brings together 11 artists including Simon Denny, Tue Greenfort and Timur Si-Qin to address the "autistic" mind at work within the network.

Jeppe Hein at St Agnes

Jeppe Hein brings his precise architectural sculpture to the atmospheric chamber of St. Agnes' church.  The brutalist monument now owned by Berlin gallerist Johann Koenig plays host to solo presentations by major artists, each carefully considered and specific to the environment; worth it for the architecture alone. 

Draft for a particular vision of the future - Babette

Elise Lammer and Samuel Leuenburger curate this exhibition in cult Berlin hangout Babette. Built in 1962, this Josef Kaiser-built model of socialist architecture was a part of East Germany's post WWII reconstruction.  This site-specific insertion into the time and history of the space, presented by artists Claudia Comte, Jerszy Seymour and Philipp Timischl, is punctuated by events – including a party hosted by Autocenter and Shanaynay with Dju Dju B, Ilja Karilampi, DJ Skype and TCF. 

Valise / Glasgow Weekend at BQ

Glasgow hits Berlin for Art Week curated by David Dale Gallery, The Dutchy and Sarah Lowndes. The exhibition speeds across the BQ plaza, incorporating the Volksbühne pavilion, for a weekend of parties, events and performances from artists including Romany Dear, Torsten Lauschmann and Douglas Gordon.

Shanaynay at ABC

The Paris-based organisation present Upcoming Exhibitions at ABC, a program introduced by Shanaynay in order to host international artist groups and project spaces. The blank white space in the entrance waits patiently until activated anew every two hours by groups including London-based Auto Italia and Brooklyn-based Cleopatra's. 

Chewday's at ???

A collaborative installation-slash-bar in Mitte, artists Alistair Frost, Gabriele Beveridge, Florian Auer and friends are announcing the address on the day via email. Keep it secret, keep it safe.