Peckham's self-publishing scene

We made a film of a couple of collectives pushing DIY printing and writing down south

All this week, we'll be running articles about and around Peckham, the area of south London having such a moment right now. Expect articles on King Krule, digital art, gangland, the pre and post-clampdown squatting scene, all-night dancing, self-publishing and fashion chicken shops. On top of the bigger features, we'll be running a portfolio of the people that make this place so fun. Click here for more!

AOTCS PRESS are all about giving coverage to underepresented, young writers who might not otherwise get this chance - from essayists and critical thinkers to poets and journalists. Fourteen-Nineteen focuses on photo-publishing and founded the annual Copeland Book Market. Yesterday we featured self-publishing duo Fourteen-Nineteen as part of our #peckhamweek celebrations. Now watch here as AOTCS PRESS and Fourteen-Nineteen discuss why they’re taking away the superficial aspects of publishing and bringing "priority and precedence" writing in to Peckham and beyond. 

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Film by camilla mathis