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fourteen-nineteen: pressing Peckham

Dazed talks to the photo-book publishers and fair organisers lighting up Peckham

All this week, we'll be running articles about and around Peckham, the area of south London having such a moment right now. Expect articles on King Krule, digital art, gangland, the pre and post-clampdown squatting scene, all-night dancing, self-publishing and fashion chicken shops. On top of the bigger features, we'll be riunning a portfolio of the people that make this place so fun. Click here for more!

Next up in the portfolio of great people based around Peckham is fourteen-nineteen. They run a photo-publishing house and are part of the team behind Copeland Book Market, an annual book fair for independent publishers held every year at Bold Tendencies.

Hey! Tell us a bit about what you do.

We run an independent publishing company called fourteen-nineteen. Our interests lie with young photographers producing what we consider to be significant work and helping them realise some of their projects in book format. Whilst publishing is the main focus of what we do we have also put on exhibitions, talks, events and more.

How long have you lived in Peckham? 

We've lived in Peckham for nearly 2 years and most of the work that we do as fourteen-nineteen takes place at our house, which is on a lovely quiet street near to Nunhead.

Recommend a band / writer / artist 

Alex: Nathan Cash Davidson's badass freestyle raps.

Lewis: While he's technically a Camberwell dweller, I love sculptor and friend Freddy Dewe Mathews' work - especially his first publication Bouvetoya. We first met a year or so ago and bonded over a shared interest in incredibly remote islands.

What's your favourite thing about the area?

There is a really great sense of community and support in our area at the moment. People actively want to lend a helping hand - from lending some sugar, making a screenprint or putting on a book market. 

Who's your favourite resident? 

Toss up between Greta Hewison and Hercules Hunter-Phillips

Where should people check out? 

Next year's Copeland Book Market.

What does the future hold for the part of town?

Hopefully a resurgence of interesting artist-run galleries and spaces, as we have seen a number of them come and (unfortunately) go in the past few years. Also a decent bookshop.

Where's the best view?

Nunhead Cemetery