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Peckham's industrial design

High modernist design aficionado Jermaine Oscar Gallacher offers us the best in Peckham

All this week, we'll be running articles about and around Peckham, the area of south London having such a moment right now. Expect articles on King Krule, digital art, gangland, the pre and post-clampdown squatting scene, all-night dancing, self-publishing and fashion chicken shops. On top of the bigger features, we'll be riunning a portfolio of the people that make this place so fun. Click here for more 

Jermaine Oscar Gallacher is a self-taught furniture and interior designer. Like many around Peckham, he's inspired by modernist forms and ideals. After kitting out The Peckham Hotel, a winter extension of Bold Tendencies into a reclaimed crackhouse, he opened The Lower Marsh Showroom, a south London furniture shop dedicated to emerging and 20th century design. 

DD: Tell me about yourself

Jermaine Oscar Gallacher: I've always had an interest and instinct for furniture and design. I ran a furniture stall at Spitalfields market whilst studying for my BA in Illustration at Camberwell College, after I graduated I set up the Peckham Hotel with Frank Boxer and Coco Bailey – having worked closely on designing the interior I decided this is where my interests lay. When the opportunity came to acquire the shop I jumped at it. Formerly a bookshop and before that an Italian deli, the shop's aesthetics lends itself to furniture style and design with its terrazzo marble interior. You could describe our collection as off-best modernist – I have a particular fondness for anything by Memphis, I love sleazy 80s Italian interiors. It was important to me to use the shop to showcase established and emerging designers together, such as the five new designers we're currently running. My favrioute piece is a steel stool by Henry Stringer. 

Dazed Digital: What's your favourite thing about the area?

Jermaine Oscar Gallacher: My favourite thing about South London is the people that live there and their endless ability to do exiting and new things  

DD: Who's your favourite resident?

Jermaine Oscar Gallacher: Ken, the owner and proprietor of Gramix Records, he gives you free coffee and tea and sells the best jazz records in South London

DD: Recommend a band / writer / artist

Jermaine Oscar Gallacher: Henry Stringer and James Balmforth are my favourite artists. They're both incredible makers. The last work I saw from James was a knife made from mercury.

DD: Where's the best view?

Jermaine Oscar Gallacher: The best view, without fail, is from Frank's Bar.

DD: Where should people check out?

Jermaine Oscar Gallacher: I'm gonna say the LM showroom of course

DD: What does the future hold for the part of town?

Jermaine Oscar Gallacher: I think the future looks more than rosy for south London in particular for Peckham. Peckham not only has a strong art culture but has a nightlife and resturant culture wich makes it stand out above the rest.