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The Sunday Painter

TSP co-founder Will Jarvis speaks to Dazed about his Peckham-based gallery

After Will Jarvis finished his BA in Painting at Camberwell College he teamed up with other art grads Harry Scoging Beer and Grace Schofield to found The Sunday Painter which now has its permanent residence in Peckham. The gallery is designed for emerging talent to showcase work alongside established artists. 

Dazed Digital: Tell me about yourself / The Sunday Painter

Will Jarvis: TSP has been a gallery showcasing emerging and mid-career artists for the last two and a half years. We've given solo shows to artists such as Stuart Middleton, Jesse Wine and Rob Chavasse, and most recently we gave a fantastic Polish artist called Piotr Lakomy his London debut. We're are excited about working with Samara Scott on her solo show in December. 

In the coming few months we shall be coming out with a roster of represented artists, marking the last stage in our transformation into a commercial gallery. I am one of the three people running TSP, the other two are Harry Beer and Grace Schofield.

DD: How long have you lived in Peckham?

Will Jarvis: I've lived here for the last four years.

DD: Recommend a band / writer / artist

Will Jarvis: Too many to mention so I'm going to just say Alex Rathebone as, sadly, he's leaving us to do his fine art MA in Glasgow, and I missed his leaving drinks – best of luck mate!

DD: What's your favourite thing about the area?

Will Jarvis: Good friends

DD: Who's your favourite resident? 

Will Jarvis: Barry, he has been here all his life and is a real character, he loves telling 'hoorah Henry's' (his words not mine) to 'fuck off'. He'll soon be opening a deli so i'm sure there will be plenty for him to swear at.

DD: Where should people check out? 

Will Jarvis: Other than The Sunday Painter (on Blenheim Grove alongside Peckham Rye train station) they should wander around and find stuff themselves, It'll be more rewarding and not that difficult as Peckham is tiny.

DD: What does the future hold for the part of town?

Will Jarvis: Most likely gentrification, but that's a whole other debate.

DD: Where's the best view?

Will Jarvis: Nunhead Reservoir, you might get mugged though!

Visit The Sunday Painter at 12-16 Blenheim Grove, Peckham.