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Hung & Drawn: FACT's anniversary, Bold Tendencies & legend of the week Corinne Day

BOOK OF THE WEEK: The Art of Joy 

This new hardback work of Italian fiction lay undiscovered and unpublished, hidden in a chest for 20 years.  Having been refused by publishers, the manuscript  work by Italian socialist radical and art house actress Goliarda Sapienza is only now seeing the light of day.  Sapienza's semi self-styled protagonist - Modesta - embarks on a journey of self-discovery over the course of the twentieth century.  Her quest for happiness sculpts an image of an empowered femme fatale within a socio-political portrait of Italy.  A much-needed forgotten precursor to contemporary 'clit-lit'. 


Young bodies caught in frenzied glances, or delicate dawn hazes.  Credited with taking early photos of a young Kate Moss, Day's photos go beyond fashion to become uniquely intimate capturings of kinetic-energy; people, moments and stark beauty.  An exhibition of her early work dating back to the late 80s and early 90s at Photomonth in Krakow are a reminder of her now legendary eye.

EVENT OF THE WEEK: Bold Tendencies 

The next instalment of the Peckham spectacular. Since 2007 the South London multi-storey car park above legendarily cheap Peckham Plex cinema has hosted a sculpture exhibition alongside Frank's Campari bar.  Put together largely by artists and curators working in Peckham, they then invite the rest of London to the party, and boy, do they come.  Imperative to get there early to be in with a vague chance of a Campari and enough space to see the works by artists including Nina Beier, Benedict Drew and Steven Claydon… 


Celebrating FACT's 20th anniversary, 'Turning FACT Inside Out'  brings together a selection of International artists assembled by director Mike Stubbs.  From it's position as Liverpool's forward-thinking all-inclusive creative technology institution, FACT has incubated curators including Rhizome's Heather Corcoran and Omar Kholief, and hosted exhibitions by pioneering artists including Nam June Paik and  In this incarnation of FACT's visionary installations, HeHe dig for gas beneath FACT as part of their Fracking Futures installation, and Steve Lambert asks visitors to vote on whether Capitalism works for them.

Thursday 13 June - Sunday 15 September


For the 2013 Emdash Award at Frieze art fair, the Finnish-born artist, now working from Istanbul, is distributing artistic responsibility among a group of East London 12-year-olds who will form a senate-style collective.  They will embark on a democratic process of decision-making, centred around what  the artist will be present at the fair in October.  A leap of faith and an experiment in committee rule, Pilvi harnesses the creative power of young minds in what promises to be a welcome break from stuffy institutional rhetoric.