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Formafantasma for House of Peroni

Design duo Formafantasma on their new bowls funded by beer brand Peroni

The House Of Peroni, a brand born out of the rich Italian soil, present an immersive exhibition of works from the new wave of cutting-edge Italian artists, designers, photographers. Italian design duo Formafantasma - Andrea Trimarchi and Simone Farresin – have been hand-picked by the House Of Peroni to showcase their earthy aesthetic that declares ‘imperfection is beauty’. The duo have crafted a series of handmade vessels; that mix Peroni’s love for preindustrial plastics with cereals and fibre, to create a collection of objects that become part of the Italian earth.

The ideas behind Formafantasma’s designs are generated from the their fascination with the potential of what is disregarded, as their work celebrates the possibilities that lie within the history of design. It is this idea of disregard and imperfection that allows the duos work to become a representation of human life, as they look at design to be a documentation of society.

Formafantasma’s work will be presented this July at the residence of The House of Peroni in London. Visit for more information and to view and book events.