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#occupyturkey: The meme

Pinar&Viola urge you to support #Taksim the 2013 way: by turning your avatar into a flag!

Kids of the contemporary, let's show the world that Erdogan can't control the Internet!

Are you also concerned about the freedom protestors in Turkey and their fight on the gradual oppression by their government? Turkish Prime minister Erdogan calls the protestors extremists, left-terrorists, provocateurs and vandals and he blames social media of spreading unrest and evil lies. His Muslim brothers control Turkish media, not allowing them to freely report on #occupyturkey

It is our role, the kids of the contemporary to show Erdogan and other political leaders with dictatorial attitude that they can't control the internet - never! Support the Turkish freedom fighters and join the online protest by turning yourself into a human and democratic Turkish flag; put on something red, draw a star and a moon in the palms of your hand and make a powerful self-portrait that you upload on your social media.

Resist Turkey, we are with you!