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This week's Cut & Wrapped from Gatsby, Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring and Cannes

NEW FILM OF THE WEEK: The Great Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald's cynical, famed American novel The Great Gatsby captured the gin-soaked decadence of the Roaring Twenties - the era of jazz, flappers and bootlegging - through the story of an aspiring New York bond broker and the circle of hard-partiers he falls in amongst. Since this film version's been directed by Baz Luhrmann - known for his distinctive and gaudily over-the-top, soundtrack-heavy re-imaginings - it's bound to be an extravagant party. Out in the UK on Thursday 16 May.

NEW DOCUMENTARY OF THE WEEK: Village at the End of the World

Visually impressive, intimate and witty documentary Village at the End of the World - from British-Danish directing duo Sarah Gavron and David Katznelson - takes us inside the tiny fishing and hunting village of Niaqornat, which is perched amid relentless weather in northwestern Greenland. Under ecological threat, and torn between tradition and outside lifestyle influences (teenager Lars battles a slow internet connection so he chat online while working in the community's only shop), Niaqornat's 59 inhabitants provide a glimpse of a rare Nordic existence. Out in the UK on Friday 10 May.


The Bling Ring - otherwise known as the Hollywood Hills Burglars - were obsessed with reality TV, and thieved more than $3 million worth of luxury goods from the homes of celebs including Lindsay Lohan to spruce up their own wardrobes in a string of break-ins a few years back. The first target was Paris Hilton, who they'd correctly guessed wouldn't have had the smarts to have locked her front door. Sofia Coppola's hotly anticipated new film, based on their exploits, will be playing at Cannes this week, and is out in the UK on 5 July. Check out the trailer.


Who doesn't tear up re-watching Stand By Me? If you've never seen it, shame on you - and more reason to get yourself to this big-screen showing that's part of the Cult Films: Back to Vue season of classics being put on in London. Rob Reiner's '80s coming-of-age yarn - with River Phoenix and Corey Feldman in their heydays - sees a middle-aged writer nostalgically reminisce about an expedition into the woods with his friends to find a corpse. Screening at London's Islington Vue cinema on Monday May 13.

EVENT OF THE WEEK: Cannes Film Festival 

Film-fest madness has hit for another year, as Cannes kicks off in France. The comp section alone offers a crop of new fare from big-hitting directors - there's Roman Polanski with Venus in Furs (in which a stage-director tries to adapt the notorious 19th-century Austrian S&M novella), Nicolas Winding Refn (with Ryan Gosling again, in Thailand-set drugs-trade thriller Only God Forgives), Steven Soderbergh (with Liberace biopic Behind the Candelabra), and the Coen brothers (back with NYC '60s folk scene flick Inside Llewyn Davies). The festival runs from 15 to 26 May in Cannes, in the French Riviera.