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How to lose your virginity #4

Final burst of first times from the anonymous submissions box, inc. LL Cool J and H&M

Anonymous Sex Journal is a London microzine with a single great idea – to print the personal sex stories that users submit in secret. Conceived by Alex Tieghi-Walker, ASJ is a candid confessions booth, a set of whispers with wipe-clean covers, we and thought it would be perfect to frame Sex Week on Dazed Digital with a set of extracts from the new issue, based on tales of that tricky first time. Check back on this blog for daily editions all this week, and the homepage stream of content about fucking in 2013. 

He took my down to a little hut at the end of the garden, away from the rest of the party. We were going to fuck for my first time and it was going to be great. He kissed my neck, and rubbed his hands over my chest, I put my hand in the top of his boxer shorts and his buttocks felt amazing. He slowly unzipped the top button of my shorts, then undid my flies and grabbed my cock. 

And I came all over his hand the second he touched it and I didn't lose my virginity for another 2 weeks.

so this was definitely playing when i lost my virginity at 15 years old.

at least i didnt put the condom on backwards. oh no wait.. i did :(

I found it hard to concentrate when I was loosing my virginity, as I could hear my friend snorting vodka off a plate outside the bedroom window.

I lost my virginity to a boy with bleached yellow curtains. We were drunk on bulmers at a friends house in lovely surrey. We found a quiet place, the garage. I sat on the edge of a big chest freezer, it lasted about a minute or less. I remember the knickers I had on, they were H&M lacey french style ones, I sadly had to bin them afterwards.

I lost my virginity in the Guy Fawkes Hotel opposite York Minster on a spontaneous night in May with a friend. He folded his clothes in the closet so they wouldn't crease. I bled everywhere. He told me he loved me which I knew was complete rubbish. Five days later I found him at my house alone trying to sleep with my best friend and threw him out. November 5 will never be the same again.