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How to lose your virginity #2

Pussies, premature entry and the pains and joys of total babes in today's anon sex tales

Anonymous Sex Journal is a London microzine with a single great idea – to print the personal sex stories that users submit in secret. Conceived by Alex Tieghi-Walker, ASJ is a candid confessions booth, a set of whispers with wipe-clean covers, we and thought it would be perfect to frame Sex Week on Dazed Digital with a set of extracts from the new issue, based on tales of that tricky first time. Check back on this blog for daily editions all this week, and the homepage stream of content about fucking in 2013. 


The first time I came all over a man, his cat jumped on to him and licked my warm spunk right off his chest 


I took a boy home and we were making out on his bed. I could feel his hard cock and I was so drunk that I had no idea if it was in or out or what. It felt good and I lay there making groaning noises, and sex noises, moaning. He looked down and said: “You do know it’s not in – don’t you?” – I felt so embarrassed so the first thing I could think of saying was “What, so I’m still a virgin?” – he didn’t find it so funny.


My dad lost it to the girlfriend of the American Football team captain. The guy found out and knocked all of his front teeth out. Top and bottom. It has cost him a fortune in dentistry over the years. He tells me she was a babe. I hope it was worth it.

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