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How to lose your virginity #1

Secretly submitted tales of your first times, to kick off Dazed Digital's Sex Week

Anonymous Sex Journal is a London microzine with a single great idea – to print the personal sex stories that users submit in secret. Conceived by Alex Tieghi-Walker, ASJ is a candid confessions booth, a set of whispers with wipe-clean covers, we and thought it would be perfect to kick off Sex Week on Dazed Digital with a set of extracts from the new issue – based on the good, the bad and the ugly tales of that first time. Check back on this blog for daily editions all this week, and the homepage stream of content about fucking in 2013. 


I lost my Grindr virginity to an older man called Masc69. His body was great and we stood in the corner of the sitting room as I licked his chest. He'd left the TV on and was concentrating on the sports news rather than what I was doing... so I bit him. 

Really hard on the nipple. 

And he kicked me out. 


I lost my virginity to my boss at the ice-cream parlour where I worked each summer 


I was fourteen years old and didn't like myself very much. He had dreadlocks and drove a motorbike and worked full time at Morrison's. He always had money for weed. I thought that was so cool. 

We were drunk on White Lightning, staggering about an empty car park. He grabbed me, holding me up. Vomit on my breathe. He didn't ask if he could, but I didn't tell him that he couldn't. It went in for a minute (so horrible), and then my mum called to ask where I was. The phone vibrate surprised him and he took it out. 

I asked him if we could go back to his house together and he said no. 

The next day he told all his mates that I was shit in bed. Like he even knew.

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