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Sarah Samy

Hung & Drawn: art news

Art highlights selected by Amy Knight


Sarah Samy's artwork reveals traces of objects and actions, both physical and digital. The current work on the Alexandria-based artist's website has a vague, distant quality; under the words 'and when it's all over, the gallery dreams alone' is a series of pale images that are instantly captivating. Blending tangible and computer-generated elements in indiscernible scenes, Samy steers the viewer away from distinguishing between the images' provenances, as soft, tactile objects recede into pure white backgrounds like elusive content-aware dreamscapes.

EXHIBITION OF THE WEEK: Highly Liquid at Galerie Fons Welters

Highly Liquid is the appealing title of Magali Reus' third solo show at Amsterdam's Galerie Fons Welters. In a high-definition, slow-motion video, a camera pans across the anonymous contours of a man's body in a continuous flow of water, while an array of sterile, pastel-coloured sculptures including corporate folding chairs and plastic shields reflect the hints at lamination, hindered tactility and bodily detachment that the video alludes to. The show runs to 20 April.


The many artists behind the Jogging blog are producing an on-demand print offering as an extension of their daily doses of art online. A Jogging Book includes the latest 100 entries on the blog up until the time at which the order is placed. All 100 posts are dragged and dropped directly from the site onto the pages of the book, including dates and note counts, while the cover image is taken from the entry with the most notes out of the 100 that are included. Freezing moments in the blog's ever-expanding history, each order makes for a unique publication replete with brilliant imagery.


Immune Stability is the name of the recent exhibition at Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles by artists Amalia Ulman and Lauren Elder, curated by Lucy Chinen. A dedicated website has been made as part of the overall concept, which is based on twenty-first century apocalyptic paranoia and preparations in the form of high-tech tools and clothes. Placing the artwork in a different contextual framework, the website is presented like a commercial agency or consultancy, offering up the artwork in the exhibition as 'efficient solutions' and 'risk mitigation' as part of an illusory, futuristic service.

"The all-prevailing desire to surpass oneself is the motto of I | s.  
High-tech materials introduce the struggling individual into a new era."


To coincide with MiArt 2013 and Milan Design Week, Kaleidoscope Project Space are exhibiting the amazing work of Japanese artist Keiichi Tanaami in an exhibition named No More War. An influential figure in Japanese Pop Art and beyond, the colourful series of sculptures that will be on display are inspired by the craftsmanship of traditional wooden puzzles. It's the first time such an extensive collection of Tanaami's sculptures from the 1980s has ever been exhibited, so if you're in Milan, it will be a rare chance to see this Tokyo-based artist's fascinating work. The show runs from 5 - 14 April.