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Sliding Ladder, by Nike Savvas (2010)

Nike Savvas

Pure colour and bright geometry from the Australian artist's first monograph

The recent release from Black Dog Publishing, Full of Love Full of Wonder, contains a number of the best works by Australian artist Nike Savvas. Winner of the prestigious Australia Council Fellowship Grant for Fine Art in 2010, Nike now works internationally between London and her home city of Sydney. The text is a vivid collection of her work to date and an example of the variety within her work. Helping to draw links between Savvas’ art, practice and heritage, Full of Love Full of Wonder contains images of her large scale installations, which perhaps best draw on themes of transience in her work. In her own words, Nike states that,

"All of my studies majored in painting... but even at that time, I always sought to work outside the canvas. I have an aversion to categorisations and prefer to see art as more fluid, open and malleable - where everything is up for grabs. I like the possibility of creating a brand new animal."

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All Images Courtesy of Artist.