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Converse/Dazed Emerging Artists Award: Myles Painter

In his latest art project, Painter wonders what London's iconic skyline might look like in a post-apocalyptic future

The entries are in and the artists have been shortlisted. The Converse Emerging Artists panel, including Jeremy Deller, James Early, Kirsty Ogg, Yuri Pattison, Magnus Edensvard, Nancy Durrant, and Dazed's Visual Arts Editor Francesca Gavin, have whittled it down to the final four.

For the past three weeks we’ve been catching up with the finalists, each receiving £1,000 to produce a body of work for a group show opening on the 25th of October at a temporary space on Osborn Street, attached to London’s seminal Whitechapel Gallery. The event, hosted in the main space, will also see us announce the winner and recipient of the £5000 prize.

‘Time of The Fox, Catalogues 16:3:9’ is a film that hypothesises on the idea of a post-apocalyptic future London with one iconic building as its visual centrepiece

Last up is multi-media artist Myles Painter, whose experience has put him at the fore of art sector spending cuts. Some next-level determination and resourcefulness on his part however, ensured that he has always maintained his practice that explores the relationship between man and his architectural surroundings.

Dazed Digital: How does your work differ from that of other artists?
Myles Painter: I don’t try to be different, just myself. I am concerned with utilising modern technologies and collaborating with contemporary artists and writers in my work, so in that sense I guess I could say I embrace the possibility of the new in aesthetic approach and thought.

DD: What will you be producing for the show at Osborn Street?
Myles Painter: It’s called ‘Time of The Fox, Catalogues 16:3:9’ and is a film that hypothesises on the idea of a post-apocalyptic future London with one iconic building as its visual centrepiece.

DD: What would you do with the prize money, if you won?
Myles Painter: I used to work at the A Foundation in Liverpool but it sadly closed due to funding cuts putting an end to its ambitious exhibitions and to my residency. In place of that, the money from this prize would help me to fund a new film project that I have underway and get a permanent studio space.

Film by Romano Pizzichini

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