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Gavin Turk Selects: Toby Christian

Day 3 of Gavin Turk's Takeover of Dazed Digital sees him pick his favourite artist of the moment who chats to us about his new work

As part of our Gavin Turk Takeover this week, the artist selected one of his favourite new talents, Toby Christian who we interviewed here about his sculptures and mixed media works. Graduating at the Wimbledon College of Art and attending the Royal Academy in London, Christian made an early conscious decision to pursue his own ideas, in whatever form they evolved into, in whatever material that is available. His work spans traditional to the modern via sculpture, paint and conceptual mediums, producing a body of work uncategorically fresh and unique.

Gavin Turk: "Toby Christian's work is often difficult to spot, with 'real world' objects being twisted and remade in ways that prompt the audience to question whether they are actually part of the show. In fact, it prompts us to question the notion of a show all together. He's a recent graduate of the RA and a mighty talent that I anticipate big things for in the not-so-distant future."

Dazed Digital: How did you first meet Gavin?
Toby Christian:
I first met Gavin in a pub called The Victory on Vyner Street in 2005. After that, he invited me to the studio and I've known him ever since.

DD: You use a variety of different materials across your work. How has this progressed over time?
Toby Christian: Different ideas warrant different materials. Currently I'm spending a lot of time writing and making installations that present text.

DD: Can you tell me a little about this text work?
Toby Christian: I presented a stack of double sided texts in a large room and built two small walls - the idea was to create a specific environment in which to read the text. The walls guided people through the space and also gave them something to sit on whilst they read. The text involved thinking about how the description of objects work in a room entirely without any objects.

DD: Do you have the same level of interest and hold the same importance for all materials and methods?
Toby Christian: I've carved marble, but also used dirty bits of foam - I don't believe in a hierachy of materials. I'm interested in the language that materials suggest, and if that's specifically art historical, I still see it in terms of a wider history.

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