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EXCLUSIVE FILM: David Bailey's East End

We sat down with the legendary photographer to talk about east London, fashion, politics and the importance of staying curious

Photographer David Bailey returns to his roots this month, presenting a selection of photographs from the soft lenses of the 60s through the 80s to crisp, colourful, contemporary East London. A legend in his own lifetime, Bailey is known for conquering the fashion world via Vogue, capturing the essence of the swinging 60s on camera and allegedly being immortalised in Antonioni's 'Blow Up' (and consequently Austin Powers). In this exhibition, produced by Create to coincide with the London Olympics, his homecoming is staged in London’s Royal Docks just one mile from where he grew up in Newham. Glimpses of the atmosphere and environment of the borough appear, from nightclubs to funeral processions. Even fellow east London famous faces The Kray Twins are present in images shot for the Sunday Times, which were then held on account of the brothers' arrest and trial. As the Olympics land on our doorstep and London's creative hub becomes a world stage, Bailey peers through a lens at a site in flux, reflecting on politics, class, photography and fashion.

David Bailey’s East End, 6 July - 5 August 2012, Compressor House, Royal Docks, Dockside Road, Newham, London, E16 2QD. Book your tickes on the Create website