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Auto Italia: Live 'Double Dip Concession' Exclusive

The south London-based art collective are set to broadcast the next episode of their TV show live from The ICA this weekend

This Saturday, London-based art organisation, Auto Italia South East will be broadcasting the latest episode of their artist-run TV series 'Double Dip Concession'. Held at The ICA in London, a team of artists will be collaborating with a full TV crew to produce a live television show performed in front of a studio audience which will be broadcasted online. In an exclusive Head to Head interview for Dazed Digital, two of the participating artists, Andrew Kerton and Jessica Wiesner, give us a unique insight to the broadcast...

Andrew Kerton: I contributed to Episode 2 of the last series of AUTO ITALIA LIVE and you performed in my work, but this time you've been approached for a more editorial role, can you explain what you’re doing?

Jess Wiesner: Our team consists of Kate Cooper, Marianne Forrest, Richard John-Jones, Nathan Budzinski and myself, and our job is to work with the episode as a whole. We wrote a treatment, which was sent to all the artists involved and we wrote the promo and now it is up to all of you to create content. We then structure the programme from that content.

Andrew Kerton: Are you a content stylist?

Jess Wiesner: I would call myself a content stylist. It's true, because we are not tampering with anything, we are just pinning all the hair forward from the back (laughs). That’s how it feels. I’m really enjoying it.

Andrew Kerton: Do you like it because there is no emotional investment in the role?

Jess Wiesner: I like it because I feel like I'm doing a technical problem not an emotional problem. Which is a nice break. I think I’d enjoy a technical job like adapting novels in to screenplays.

Andrew Kerton: You know I've always wanted to make a BBC 1 Sunday night serialisation of Iris Murdoch's 'The Bell'?

Jess Wiesner: I know. Who would play the drowning nun?

Andrew Kerton: I would cast Vanessa Redgrave as the mother superior, slightly reprising her role from The Devils. (laughs)

Jess Wiesner: Oh, that's a good way to cast, to build on the other characters they've played.

Andrew Kerton: Maybe she should be caught masturbating with a cross, in the orchard.

Jess Wiesner: I’m not sure Iris had that in mind. Speaking of casting devils out of nuns, you have been casting actors today for your contribution to the episode, how did it go?

Andrew Kerton: I loved it, turns out I’m pretty good at it… or at least I’m pretty good at acting like I’m good at it. (laughs)

Jess Wiesner: Do you find it difficult getting other people to deliver your ideas for you?

Andrew Kerton: This is the first time I have cast professional actors for my work, in the past I have used artist friends and myself, so it was interesting today to put words that I have written in to professional mouths.

Jess Wiesner: Do you feel you have to give up some control?

Andrew Kerton: Working with actors? No, I want to work with their natural abilities and if they are good then we will go with what they have to offer. I’m very excited.

Jess Wiesner: Have you seen anything good on TV recently?

Andrew Kerton: Alan Titchmarsh was talking to the wrong camera for quite a while at the Chelsea Flower Show last night. He has a lot of eye bag skin…

Jess Wiesner: From the side...? Apparently eyelid lifts are the second most popular cosmetic surgery in the UK.

Andrew Kerton: I can see why. Everyone in London has eyebags. It doesn't matter what age they are. I saw a 12 year old boy with eyebags bigger than mine.

Jess Wiesner: Maybe he had a blood condition?

Andrew Kerton: Maybe he watches too much TV?

Auto Italia LIVE: Double Dip Concession will be performed at the ICA, Saturday June 9th, 7pm. To book tickets and for more information click here. You can also watch online or at one of the special live screenings at: Transmission Gallery, Glasgow, Outpost Gallery Norwich, The Public School, L.A. and Palais de Tokyo in Paris.