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Liberatum Hong Kong: Terence Koh

As the cultural covention open up its doors, we chat to the Beijing-born artist about his living diorama

Following the success of Istanbul’s 'Istancool', Carrera presents the Liberatum Hong Kong; a three day cultural convention with a captivating programme dedicated to encouraging global open mindedness. Icons from the worlds of art, design, fashion, film, literature and music will be present to share their ideas and celebrate the city’s rich cultural heritage.

For no charge the public can attend events featuring the likes of musician Pharrel Williams, director Paul Schrader, photographer Wing Shya and Italian Vogue editor-in-chief, Franca Sozzini. Dazed spoke to participator Terence Koh, a Beijing-born artist who for many years now has been generating a distinct international presence, about his involvement...

Dazed Digital: You have planned to do some performance art at Liberatum Hong Kong. Can you give us a clue as to what kind of performance it will be?
Terence Koh: It will be about stillness. We are still looking for a location. I want it to take place at the end of an alleyway. A very typical Hong Kong alleyway with tall buildings surrounding it so the light is mysterious.
It will be a living diorama. 

DD: Are you doing anything else, aside from your performance, at the event?
Terence Koh: I will be visiting the Chi Lin Nunnery. I also want to see what different scientists in Hong Kong are up to. Scientists all around the world are doing fascinating things right now. It’s part of a new project I have to study with scientists worldwide to understand the horizons of our existence now.

DD: Sexuality plays a big part in your work, is this something that happens naturally or is it an intentional theme?
Terence Koh:
It’s more that sexuality gets more attention because of our moral values today. I don't feel I deal much with sexuality anymore since I stopped having sex and I am in search of the nature inside my mind.

DD: In the past we’ve seen piss, blood, faeces, cum and fingerprints all integrated into your work. In what way do you think the use of these unusual ‘materials’ add to the pieces?
Terence Koh:
I would not think they are unusual because they are all a natural part of my body. My body is free so it’s a sense of being economical in my work.

Liberatum Hong Kong will be held from the April 27-29 at The Lane Crawford Joyce Group at One Island South in Aberdeen, Hong Kong. Terence Koh’s performance will take place on April 28 at 7pm