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East London 2012: Cieron Magat - ISYS

We speak to ISYS' co-founder about the changes around their east London base

In the latest issue of Dazed & Confused, the debate cirlcles around whether 'East London is Dead' or not. We now talk to Cieron Magat, who - together with Nina Manandhar - founded the creative exploration of young British identity and style known as ISYS, to get his thoughts on the the locality of east London as it continues to grow.

Dazed Digital: Who are you and what do you do for a living?
: I mess about with culture via and

DD: Where in east London are you based?

DD: What first attracted you to the area and how long have you been working here?
Five years. Cheap rent (at the time), friends and pretty Hackney summers.

DD: How has east London changed since you've been here, and why do you think that is?
Cieron: More dickheads like me knocking about drinking lattes. Safety in numbers, I guess.

DD: What is the most exciting part of your local creative community?
Cieron: I don't feel part of the local creative community. There's loads of creative stuff in Ridley Road Market – the hand-drawn signs on the shops and stalls are great, and you get the best religious flyers from the multiple street-preachers.

DD: Has the area informed your creative work at all and if so, how?
I'm interested in locality beyond what’s local to me. I like Hackney a lot. It’s a good-looking, vibrant part of town with good people.

DD: Is it possible to say ‘Silicon Roundabout’ aloud without laughing?

DD: What's your favourite East End hangout?
Gillett Square on a sunny day. Evin (in Dalston) for a cuppa.

DD: Does anything annoy you about the area? If so, what?
Can't get decent dim sum anywhere, and its annoying when you just wanna get some milk from your local newsagent and a fashion shoot is blocking your access to the fridge. Can't cross a road with all the bikes.

DD: What are you going to do during the Olympics – stay or flee? Why?
Stay! Because it’s gonna be wonderful. If you’re fleeing London for the Olympics you’re not a true Londoner. It's something to be proud about and celebrate.

DD: Is east London dead?
Cieron: Don't be silly.

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