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EXCLUSIVE LuckyPDF Film: Mynd Ream

In conjunction with the art collective's Dazed & Confused residency, LuckyPDF asked Daniel Swan to visualise a cybernetic and neurotechnological future

The Peckham-based art collective are halfway through their three issue long art residency for Dazed & Confused. To coincide with the April edition, LuckyPDF collaborated with digital filmmaker Daniel Swan on this short clip...

"Representing the vanguard of the world's cybernetic and neurotechnological research, 'Mynd Ream' will be the world's first living, thinking public space. Columns of techno-organic tissue connect two viewing chambers, and feed arrays of monitors with artificial thought patterns. This data is outputted using standard consumer visualisation programs, allowing visitors a singular glimpse into an alien infant's first synthesized memories and dreams", Swan says of the film.

Dazed & Confused's April issue is out now